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the-canopy Daily Fitblog #6

I haven’t been working out for the past few days, but I have been tracking my caloric intake and I’ve finally gained back another pound :) Plus, I’ve embarked on a more serious leg of my personal goal, in setting up a website for tracking my progress. My plan is to integrate it here and to integrate my and myfitnesspal information so it gets more personal!

Date: 8/9/14
Weight: 112lbs
BFP: 18%

The website hasn’t launched yet, but I’m currently editing together a little video for the first page. I want to try to integrate as many forms of social media as I can into this project to make sure everyone and everything is really connected and to make sure that I’m available for contact for anyone who wants to be fitness buddies :)

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Hi new followers!

I feel really bad for not being active the last few days but a lot exciting things have been going on in real life so it took my attention away from the blog.

But I’m back! And I wanted to say hi to my new followers! Welcome aboard don’t be shy my ask is always open :)

Seriously sorry for the recent lack of activity.

Been very busy with life stuff, will try to update tonight and fill my queue for tomorrow

Yesterday was a shit day. Lost some friends and had some shit go down on facebook. Took a lot out of me to lose connections I had with people for 2+ years. Sorry for my absence.

On a brighter note, I gained a pound! Take that, ketosis! Going to the gym tonight with my girl, going to work hard and work out all the bad feels. Gotta get my head in the game and get back on track!

Date: 8/5/14
Weight: 112lbs.
BFP: 18%

Today is the day I’m going to post a new progress photo! Since I haven’t been up to much lately this daily’s going to be a bit short, but at least there’s that. Seeing more of my abs again, but I doubt there’s going to be much progress elsewhere. My arms and shoulders have felt a little more bulky after my last workout, but who knows. Going to have to track those measurements on to see if it’s in my head or not.

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