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So either the US Navy fat calculator is arbitrary and assigns incorrect values or I lost 3-6% of my body fat this week o_O

Anyone think this is possible? 5’4” went from 114 to 113 lbs, lost an inch in my waist and two inches in my hips. No matter if you put me in the calculator as male or female it says I’m 15% BF?

Edit: I did use the same calculator the last time I found my BF%


my next trip will be norway

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Hi new followers

Welcome to my blog c:

Feel free to snoop about. Lots of fitness and city and nature stuff to be had.

Also feel free to shoot me a message in my inbox and share me with your friends I’m a bit of a hermit so most of my friends are online .-.

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Around the Valley // By: Oliver Shou 

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“ Some people say they will, some people will. Thats just how it goes. ”

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